Employee Use of Technology Agreement

 The Shul’s Child Enrichment Center authorizes school employees to take possession of technology owned by the CEC as necessary to fulfill the requirements of their position. The use of CEC technology is a privilege permitted at the school’s discretion and is subject to the conditions and restrictions set forth in applicable staff policies and this Use of Technology Agreement.

The CEC expects all employees to use technology responsibly in order to avoid potential problems and liability. Each employee who is authorized to use CEC technology shall sign this Use of Technology Agreement as an indication that she has read and understands the agreement.

The devices specified by this agreement include the following:

  • Google Phones
  • Classroom computers
  • Laptop computers 


Teachers are expected to use CEC technology safely, responsibly, and for school-related purposes ONLY. These devices are not to be used for any personal purpose.

The teacher to whom the technology has been issued is responsible for its proper use at all times.

Teachers may take Google Phones and laptop computers home at the end of the day, with permission from the Admin team.

If CEC technology breaks or becomes damaged or lost while in a teacher’s possession, she is responsible for paying for its repair or replacement. 

Teachers are prohibited from using CEC technology for improper purposes, including, but not limited to, use of technology:

  1. To disclose or in any way cause to be disclosed confidential or sensitive CEC, employee, or student information without prior authorization.
  2. To Install unauthorized software or apps.
  3. To engage in practices that violate any CEC or Shul policy.
  4. For any personal use whatsoever. 


If an employee becomes aware of any security problem (such as any compromise of the confidentiality of any login or account information, or malfunction of a device), she shall immediately report such information to the Admin team.


By signing this form, you agree to abide by all of the terms outlined in the above agreement.