The Shul Security Team

Chief Security Officer / Acting Security Director

Our CSO is a recognized expert by the DHS, DSS, and other US government agencies in combating terrorism.  He currently holds memberships or positions in the following national, state and local security related organizations: Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), Terrorism Liaison Officer (TLO), FBI Infragard, Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN), Open Source Center (OSC) and the Bal Harbour Police Department.

The CSO has been tasked to lead the Shul’s Protective Services Agents, all of whom are former military and law enforcement personnel, highly trained with many years of experience to enhance the security and safety of The Shul:

  • J.C.G. – Served 20  years as a Sworn Law Enforcement Officer; recently retired from the Aventura Police Department, and has extensive experience in working with the Jewish community.
  • T.G. – Served 20 years as an NYPD Sworn Law Enforcement Officer (SWAT Team/Sniper); also a Federal Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor for Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun and a Florida Licensed Investigator and Bodyguard.
  • A. L. – Served seven years in U.S. Army, with multiple tours in Iraq.  Served five Years as a Sworn Law Enforcement Officer at the Boynton Beach Police Department.
  • J. H. – Served 12 years as Spanish Foreign Legions Soldier/Private Military Contractor; Green Beret equivalent and served in Morocco, Syria, Libya, Algeria, Sierra Leon, Somalia. Trained with Israel’s Mossad on joint operations for seven years.  Recently a security agent for Ruger Firearms and Harry Winston Jewelers.
  • L. H. – Served as a US Marine/Reservist for seven years and a Federal Government DHS Security Services Contractor. For nine years.