Star Reader Program

Star Reader
The Star Reader Program is the Shul’s Child Enrichment Center reading incentive program. The goal of the program is to help parents mold the foundation of their children’s future academic success. Instilling a love for literacy is a key building block for creating young scholars; as we all know, reading is a critical tool for a successful future.

Parents and children are encouraged to participate in the Star Reader Program. It is school wide and includes books that parents read to children or books that children read on their own. Parents and/or children mark down the books they read on their reading logs. Every 5 books recorded on the reading log earns the child a special treat from the school treasure box! Children can borrow books from his/her classroom or can read books already at home. A reading log entry may involve a whole book, one chapter or a couple of pages.  We consider any of this worthy of a signature! Children are encouraged to be involved in reading for approximately 10 minutes per night.

The collective school goal is 500 books; once the school reaches the goal, the children celebrate with a big ice cream party. We know this number seems large, but it is definitely doable.

Click here to download the Star Reader Reading Log.