South Florida Preschools

Below are a list of preschools in the South Florida area. If you are currently on our Wait List, we encourage that you also look into other options, because we cannot guarantee you a space at this point.

We have compiled this list for your convenience. We strongly suggest that conduct your own research into any school to which you may send your child/ren.

Orthodox & Modern Orthodox Preschools &  Daycare Centers in South Florida


  • Tzivi Schurder (Playgroup): 347-982-1716


  • Katie Horowitz (Daycare): 786 352 2522

Miami Beach 

  • Hebrew Academy:
  • Temple Moses Montessori:!moses-montessori/cn8o
  • Yeshiva Elementary School:

North Miami Beach

  • Scheck Hillel Community School:
  • Lubavitch Educational Center:
  • The Gan Preschool:
  • Yeshiva Toras Chaim Toras Emes:


  • Chai Tots Preschool: