The Shul’s Child Enrichment Center is dedicated to providing a warm, safe, Jewish environment where our children can feel secure to explore and learn. In this environment they can grow and develop at their own individual rate and be proud of their heritage and who they are.


This is achieved through offering a Montessori program which focuses on delivering a hands-on experience through sensory stimulation, fine and gross motor skills development, music, dramatic play, arts and crafts, movement, science and language arts. This philosophy stresses the value of moral and spiritual development as much as cognitive development, knowing that gaining respect and care for one another and building a positive self esteem are key elements that will insure happiness and success throughout life.

All of the Jewish holidays, Mitzvos, Midos (moral/spiritual development) and language are taught offering a multi-sensorial experience. Each concept and experience becomes meaningful to each child in a different way. All areas of the curriculum are open for the child to freely explore as their curiosity dictates. They are involved with the exploring, manipulating of materials, and the testing of new concepts.