Mitzvah Notes

We encourage parents to write and send Mitzvah Notes with their children each morning. Teachers read the Mitzvah Notes during Circle Time each day, and children feel so proud when they hear their Mitzvah Note being read. We believe that Mitzvah Notes are a fantastic form of complimenting children for a specific positive behavior, and make each child feel special. It contributes to a child’s sense of self esteem, confidence, achievement and respect of self and others. It also aids in a child’s spiritual growth, as they aim to increase in their fulfillment of Mitzvahs.


Click on the links below to access a Mitzvah Note for a specific month. Please note that Mitzvah Notes are also available at the entrance of each classroom, and you can write them as you drop your child off at school.

Click on the image below to print this months’ Mitzvah Note.

teves mitzvah note