Coach Kristen

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Activity synopsis:

 Kidokinetics is designed to reveal, enhance, and uplift the creative energies tied to thinking and movement. This, in turn, aids in developing improved communication, decision-making, problem-solving, and social skills.

Today, Kidokinetics has emerged as an outstanding resource for focused, high quality children’s athletic programs. With the ever-increasing need for such programs and corresponding growth in the children’s fitness industry. Its technique was developed to keep kids fit and healthy, while building a foundation of essential life skills. Kidokinetics’ focus on individual achievement emphasizes “confidence – desire – discipline.” Not everyone is a natural born athlete, but all children should have an opportunity to develop their skills through hard work and determination. Kidokinetics will help each child reach his or her individual goal, whether that means being able to keep up with their peers or going for the Olympic gold some day! More information at