Honey Bee Workshop



Rabbi Shmuly G. of Chabad Youth Network of Florida


Pre Rosh Hashanah

Workshop Description:

The Honey Bee Workshop is the newest and most exciting workshop brought to us by the Chabad Youth Network of Florida. It captivates and brings children face-to-face with the world of the honeybee.

Thousands of bees are brought in by the bee keeper in a safe and secure bee house were the children get to see and explore the fascinating world of the honeybee and how it produces its honey.

A real live honey extractor is on display for the children to actively take part in placing the honeycombs inside the machine and turning the special handle in order to produce the honey.

They then learn, through an animated, and hands on fun discussion, the significance of the use of honey during Rosh Hashanah and the High Holiday season.

Everybody is abuzz with excitement as they leave the workshop!