Our kindergartners have been working so hard, practicing for their upcoming graduation. Their three years in Montessori will culminate at this beautiful event. This page contains important information, please read it carefully :) .

Schedule & Dinner:

  • Graduation will be on Monday June 9that 5 PM. A dairy dinner will be served.
  • Please make sure your child is at school by 4.40 PM. Please bring them upstairs to the Montessori 3 classroom (Morah Rivkah and Morah Victoria’s classroom).

Dress Code:
Please ensure that your child is wearing the following:

  • A white collared shirt (Polo or Shabbos or button down etc.).
  • Any skirt or pants.
  • White socks and closed shoes.
  • The gowns and caps that we will be giving to the children once they arrive need to be returned at the end of graduation.

Opportunities to Help!
We still need assistance with the following (note that the form at the end of this email allows you to indicate how you would like to help):

  • Gifts for the children (headed by Leah Lipskar and Rochel Katz).
  • Gifts for the teachers (headed by Chani Laber, Henni Halberstam and Rochel Rubashkin).
  • Centerpieces (headed by Rivkie Duchman, Rivka Saidof and Yair Eliav).
  • Volunteers to set up from 1.30 – 4:00 pm.
  • If any of you have nice tablecloths which you would be happy to share forgraduation, please let us know!
  • If you would like to assist in sponsoring this event, please let us know.

Year Book
Pnina Wuensch, Carolina Herz and Malkie Tevardovitch have volunteered to design and print beautiful Year Books. Please email pictures if haven’t already done so to:[email protected]. Please make sure to include the following pictures:

  • A baby picture,
  • A family picture and
  • Any pictures of birthdays and Shabos Ima/Aba.

Cost and Payments:

  • The cost of the graduation is $100 per family. This includes dinner for 6.
  • The cost of each additional person who attends as part of your family is $10.
  • The cost of the year book is $36 per family.
  • Please submit all payments to the preschool office by Tuesday May 27th (you may do so in one check or credit card authorization form).
  • Please RSVP by Tuesday May 27th,

To RSVP, and to indicate how you would like to assist, please do so by clicking here

Thanks so much in advance!