Goals and Objectives

At the Shul’s Child Enrichment Center, we aim to:

  • Create an environment based on the values and teaching of the Torah.
  • Provide a nurturing and safe environment, supporting the child’s physical and emotional well- being, as well as intellectual growth.


Our goals may be divided into four categories: Spiritual Goals, Learning Goals and Intrapersonal Goals, as detailed below.

Spiritual Goals

  • To instill a love of G-d.
  • To develop a love for the Torah and Mitzvos.
  • To initiate the Middos (character development) based on the love of every Jew.

Learning Goals

  • To establish a positive attitude toward school and learning.
  • To achieve excellence in reading, writing and language skills.
  • To expand skills of concentration for lifelong study habits.
  • To implement an individualized, child-centered curriculum that includes movement, efficiency and discovery within a multi-age classroom community.
  • To provide carefully planned, stimulating programs for children to expand and build upon the fundamental habits, attitudes, skills and ideas essential for a lifetime of creative thinking and learning.

Intrapersonal Goals

  • To instill a sense of healthy self-esteem.
  • To create habits of initiative and persistence.
  • To foster inner discipline and a sense of order.
  • To help cultivate each child’s innate, ultimate potential through high self-realizations.