Dismissal & Pick Up Policy

Dismissal opens at 3:15 PM Monday – Thursday (unless otherwise specified) and at 1:45 PM on Friday.

 Any child who is picked up after 3:30pm (Monday-Thursday) or 2:00pm (Friday) will only be released after the parent or authorized pick up person formally signs them out on a “Sign Out Form” that will be made available to them.  Please understand that there are serious security and safety issues involved with children left after dismissal times, and that you need to be ON TIME to pick up your beautiful treasures. We kindly request that you plan ahead for winter traffic, school zones, unpredictable weather and construction.

In the event that a parent or authorized pick up person arrives after the dismissal times specified above, parent will be charged as follows:
-10 minutes late: $25/child*
-Each additional 5 minutes: $10/child*
-Parents will be billed monthly for late fees.
*Each parent will be charged for their own child, even if they have asked another parent to pick up their child and that parent is late.